Religious jewelry is one of most popular adornments to express their faith for several centuries, material includes from simple metal like gold, silver, brass, and stainless steel to diamonds, stones and woods. Christianity, Buddhism, Islam are three major religions all over the world, which use specific designs and symbols to express pious belief.

Christianity generally choose cross, jesus and crucifix to represent the passion and death. Typically, it’s worn as a pendant, charm, ring, earring and cufflink.

Buddhism symbols includes buddha, mantra, dharmachakra even devil element, people will usually choose bead bracelet and pendant.

Islam is mostly expressed by star, crescent moon and calligraphy, one of the most notable symbols of the Muslim religion is a star floating inside a crescent moon, as well as a variety of other popular icons that are used in jewelry.

Different religions have different expressions, but they stand for essences full of kind, justice, truth and love. Religious jewelry represents a faith of establishing a better world and love. We believe Utopia is a harmonious world which is full of love, no wars, no diseases, no disasters, no contaminations, and all creatures are living in the perfect and peaceful world.

DG ViVi Jewelry Manufacturer has been in stainless steel jewelry industry more than 25 years, our religious pendant, bracelet and necklace are warmly welcome by believers from EMEA, Asia, USA and South America markets.

Buddha Devil just in one mind s925 pendant:

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